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Theron G. Burrough

“Your instructional videos are absolutely GREAT.  Absolutely crystal clear, succinct yet complete, move right along so I get into the flow of just listening and learning. Now I feel forty years younger, like I’m back at parsing and diddling spaghetti code!  I think that in a few days, I’ll be properly drunk with the experience.”

Joel Welch

“I just wanted to say THANKS… I recently signed up for you PHP modules on your website. I have been developing for a couple years now professionally and I still find plenty of value in your lessons… appreciate the extra knowledge you put out as to why it works the way it does.”

Levi Gonzales

It’s been a year and I’m already being paid by my current company (not a web development company) to develop a new online order entry system. Thank you for the encouragement over this past year.”

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