About John Morris

John MorrisHey, I’m John. I’m a freelance web developer (for about 12+ years now). Married. Three kids. I live in Omaha, Nebraska (GBR!). You might know me from the bigger-name clients I’ve worked with including: Bestselling author, Michael Hyatt or internet celebrity, Lewis Howes or maybe Inc. Magazine and its Small Business Owner’s Council. That or my coding tutorials on my YouTube channel — with over 50K subscribers and 5 million total views (ya like how I “snuck” all the bragging in there :D).

But, what I do really… I specialize in helping aspiring coders… first, learn how to code. And then take those coding skills and make money with them. Whether that’s as a freelancer, getting hired at “regular” job, building applications and selling them… really, whatever you want to do to make your living. So, you’re going to see all kinds of tutorials, videos, podcasts and posts related to those two things on this blog.

And, I’ve already helped thousands of other coders like this. In fact, here’s what a few of them say:

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you. I got hired. And accepted an offer for $45k for the first 3 months. If I do well.. It will go up to $60k a year!! And I have been only studying code for 3 Months while working full-time! I just went for it like you said, and I got hired. I would have never thought in the span of 3 months, I would double my paycheck and not have to live in Silicon Valley to do it.” — Chris Sean

“Your instructional videos are absolutely GREAT. Absolutely crystal clear, succinct yet complete, move right along so I get into the flow of just listening and learning. Now I feel forty years younger, like I’m back at parsing and diddling spaghetti code!  I think that in a few days, I’ll be properly drunk with the experience.” — Theron G. Burrough

“I cant believe it. I honestly cant believe it, after doing some research and nicheing down on my upWork profile… one day after that I already have an invitation to a Project that I can actually do. I honestly cant thank you enough. Even though this is only 1 more client, I’m confident that with more research / personal marketing I’ll only need a few more clients/ time to reach my current income goals.” — Raul Vazquez

If you’d like to learn from me too, I recommend you start by signing up for my daily tips email newsletter first. I’ll send you daily tips that’ll help you learn the skills you need AND take those skills and turn them into a career and an income. I also have my flagship courses, PHP 101 and Upwork 101, if you’re looking for more intense and specific training on those topics.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by. Check out the blog, be sure to subscribe and “we’ll see ya on the flip side” (I think that reference officially makes me old).