January 28, 2016

JMS060: How to Pick the Right Fonts, Don’t Be THAT Guy on Social, Bye Java and More

In this episode of the John Morris Show, how to pick the right fonts for your web design, bye-bye Java, 7 future web design trends, don’t be THAT guy on social when chasing clients, answering your questions and more:

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Here’s the line-up:

  • You never go full caveman (ever) [1:25]
  • Bye-bye Java and 7 future web design trends [9:44]
  • 19-year-old dude syndrome (don’t be THAT guy) [27:58]
  • How to pick the right font for your web design [38:36]
  • How to make prospective clients like you [50:34]
  • Weekly Q&A [1:01:24]

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