YouTube hates me

Got this zinger over on YouTube:

“Why did you needed to clickbait? 58k subs, 500 views with clickbait,  r you kidding me? Without clickbait he would have 250.”


In a haze of dread…

And paranoia that “they found me out”…

I recorded this completely inadequate response:

If you’re marketing your freelance services, products or your “dope” new app and wanna use YouTube (or blog or social media), I recommend a listen on why these are hands-down, 100% the dumbest, most ill-informed comments ever.

And, what you should do instead.



September 6, 2018

Part 4: How to Get Web Traffic to Your YouTube Video

This is the fourth installment of a 4-part tutorial series I’m doing, Freelancing 101: A Dead Simple Method to Get Your First Freelance Work. In this series, I’m walking you through the exact process I used to get my first freelance clients.

In this step, I’m going to show you how to get qualified traffic to the YouTube video you create in Part 3. Which means it’s time for a little guerrilla marketing.

(By the way, I have a full course where I go through this “guerrilla” promotion strategy in detail, including exactly what to say when you post in these groups and how to consistently stay under the “spammer” radar, build good will and become a respected authority… and funnel it all to your freelancers services. I cheekily call it A Spammer’s Guide to Get More Clients and you can learn more about it at


Go to Twitter and enter your broad-match search term in the Twitter search. Then, click the “Latest” tab. Scroll down and find people having the problem you solve with your video. Here’s a few examples I found for the search “wordpress database error”:

Reply to these tweets with something simple like: “Don’t know if you’re still having this issue, but thought this video might help: <>.” And, that’s it. Because your video actually helps people, you can send it to people like this without coming across as “spamming”.


Same deal. Here’s a series of questions that come up when you search “wordpress database” error on

With Quora, you can’t just post your video. So, what you do is take the first three “checks” in your solution checklist from Part 1 and post them as your answer. Then, include your video at the bottom of your answer.

If you wrote out your video script as a blog post as I advised in Part 3, then you’ll already have this written. So, just copy the first 3 or so points from that blog post and paste them in as your answer. I’ve had answers I wrote on Quora emailed out to more than a million people. Imagine what kind of traction your video (and, ultimately, your freelance services) could get if that happens.

Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow

Again, same process. Search StackExchange and/or StackOverflow for your search term. Find relevant questions and answer them. Post a link to your video, inconspicuously, within your answer.

Google+ Communities

Yes. I said Google+. Many of the communities there are still highly active. Find on relevant to the error you’re solving. For example, this is a WordPress community I belong to. It has 111,000 members. Use the “Search Community” tool to search for your search term:

Also, subscribe to any relevant communities, participate and promote your video(s) if/when appropriate. You can also use these communities to develop new service offerings.

Facebook Groups

Almost identical to Google+ Communities. Find relevant groups, join them, promote your video(s) if/when appropriate for someone’s question. Use it to develop new ideas. Here’s a Facebook group I belong to about WordPress. It has 31,000 members:

Google Adwords

So, this is the one you’ll probably resist the most, but it’s also the most effective. Imagine whenever someone searches for your exact search term, your video showed up at the top of that search without you having to spend months getting it organicly ranked there.

You could just have it there today?

That’s Google Adwords in a nutshell. You can buy your way to the top. And, often for not very much. I average about 4 cents per view with my ads:

So, let’s say you spent $1/day advertising your video this way. That would be 25 views/day or 750 views/month and it’s cost you $30/month. Let’s say you got just 1 job as result of this and it paid you $150. That’s STILL a profit of $120. How quickly would you start spending more if every $1 you spent brought you $5 in sales.

I’d exchange $1 bills for $5 bills as fast as I could.

And, the best part is… if you’d make a good video… advertising your videos this way will help them, eventually, rank on their own and get organic traffic you don’t have to pay for.

So, I strongly encourage you to consider it.

Stepping Back

If we step back, then, and look at this entire strategy what we’ve got is an urgent problem, people are willing to pay money to solve, a freelance service offering to solve that problem and a system to consistently promote that service in a way that doesn’t make use feel spammy. This is how you build a freelance business piece by piece.

Because, you can build 5, 10, 20 or more of these.

So, let’s say you build out 10. And, each of those 10 bring you 3 clients per month. And, you charge $200/project. That’s 30 clients/month. $6,000/month. Or, $72,000/year. That’s a damn good salary for most people. And, you’re only doing on project per day, on average. Which will probably only take a few hours.

So, again, don’t under-estimate how lucrative small $200 and $300 projects like this can be.

Anyway, hopefully, you enjoyed the series and, most importantly, you start building this and creating an income for yourself. Thanks for riding along with me.

April 19, 2018

How I Got 2.7 Millions Views and 28,032 Subscribers on YouTube

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So, I guess this week is my 8-year anniversary/birthday of being on YouTube and I wanted to share the biggest lessons I’ve learned in that time that have made my YouTube a powerhouse of my entire online career.

As the subject line suggests…

I currently have had over 2.7 million views of my videos and have 28,302 subscribers to my YouTube channel.

Not too shabby for a channel on coding! 🙂

I just published an article on Patreon revealing the 3 biggest lessons I’ve learned in the last 8 years and how you can use them to build a powerhouse YouTube channel just like mine.

But, let me cover one here real quick…


Now, I know the YouTube gods are reigning down fire from above on me for this… but hey… my job is to tell the truth NOT regurgitate Google talking points.

And, this is fact.

Quality does matter. Let me get that out there for the hatorade drinkers who won’t actually read this post and reflexively send me hate mail.


But, it’s not as big of a factor as people make it out to be. There’s a quality threshold. Informational quality, entertainment quality and production quality. You need to hit a certain threshold of each.

But, once you do… MORE is not necessarily better.

It becomes a bit of diminishing returns. And, volume becomes much more important. It’s better to create five really good videos a week than one maybe-epic video a week.

It’s because of how YouTube discovery works and a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo (I cover the numbers behind this in the Patreon post) but quantity matters on YouTube. More videos equals more results. Period.

The trick is figuring out how to create really good videos at a high rate.

Usually quantity takes away from quality. But it doesn’t have to. This is probably the biggest thing I learned in the past 8 years.

If you’ve noticed, I now produce five videos per week… and people actually love these videos MORE than the old once per week style.


It took me awhile to figure this system out.

But, now I’ve got it down pat and could do this forever. It’s dead simple. Anyway, to get that system you gotta be apart of the “inner circle” over on Patreon. Here’s a hint though… I’ve used the system I speaketh of on this very post.

To become a YouTube badass, go ye here:

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May 9, 2016

JMS061: Unlock the da Vinci Code In Your Designs, Begging For Money, Be Negative and More

In this episode of the John Morris Show, unlocking the da Vinci code in your designs, begging for money, why you should be more negative and more:

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Here’s the line-up:

  • Opening and Getting Views on YouTube [1:25]
  • The Genius of WordPress and Why It’s Doomed [15:53]
  • Why You Should Be More Negative [32:11]
  • How to Unlock the da Vinci Code In Your Designs [43:06]
  • Begging For Money [54:18]
  • Weekly Q&A [1:04:14]

Links mentioned in this episode:

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February 5, 2016

Why I’m Joining YouTube Red

There’s been plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth surrounding YouTube’s announcement of it’s new “Red” membership.

And while there are plenty of good points being made, I’ll be joining YouTube Red as soon as it’s available (and think you should too). Here’s why:

1. The Nay-Sayers Actually Have No Idea (Even If They’re Right)

You’ll find plenty of people already predicting YouTube Red’s demise, or how it’ll be bad for Creators or how it’s all about making money… and on and on.

And, it hasn’t even launched yet!

Truth is, nobody (not even Google) knows how this is going to pan out.

So, while the nay-sayers may end up being right if YouTube Red does any of the above… it’s not because they have any kind of special insight. It’d simply be dumb luck.

Feel free to ignore anyone predicting YouTube Red’s future (including me).

2. It’s a Win-Win For Viewers and Creators

While it’s future may be uncertain, YouTube Red’s value proposition for both viewers and creators isn’t.

Nobody likes watching the ads.

As a content creator, I’m not 100% comfortable with making my money off of them either.

So, viewers win by avoiding the interruption and creators win by not making their money off Viagra ads.

I like the idea of being able to support the channels I follow simply by watching their videos… and not suffering through the ads attached to them.

And YES! I know I could just use AdBlock. But, I’m not a douche and I actually want to help support the channels I watch.

Before YouTube Red, I didn’t have any good options. Now, I do. Not be a douche AND not suffer through annoying ads. Yes, please.

Plus, it comes with a Google Music subscription. Uh, why wouldn’t I do this again?

3. It Was My Idea

Ok, not really… but I did write a really long blog post about why I think the ad-revenue model is broken.

The current model creates a click-bait culture that rewards publishers who are good at writing headlines and not necessarily at creating substance in their content.

A subscription-based model like YouTube Red is a step in the right direction (IMHO) because it pays based on watch time and not views.

So, you make money if people actually watch your video… not just click on a deceptive title.

Of course, I know I’m probably “unbearably naive” for some people’s taste… but I’ll be joining YouTube Red and I hope you will too.

October 28, 2015