July 7, 2018

The Dev Job Rejection That Would’ve Killed ME

I got this from Ryan from yesterday’s post:

“So helpful bro! I always appreciate your perspective. I keep wanting to fall into that trap of ‘I’m not good enough and here’s the evidence.’ (the evidence is that my boss offered me a dev position because someone said they should and then later on that same day he said it was too early for me and retracted his offer)”

Now, imagine that.

You spend all this time learning how to code.

You finally reach a point where someone notices.

You actually get a job offer…

The thing you’ve been dreaming of…

Working toward.

And, later that same day, it gets pulled out from under you.

I remember when I worked at the pizza joint back pre-coding days. I was in a similar boat. Working this job that I couldn’t stand. I’d stay up late hitting my head against the wall trying to figure all this coding stuff out.

Already tons of self-doubt.

Already questioning if I was smart enough.

Already frustrated as hell.

If that had happened to me?

I don’t know, man. That probably would’ve been it.

That’s tough to bounce back from.

But, Ryan had the right response:

“That set me on a path to prove myself and I have grown from it for sure. Some people can pick it up and run with it like it’s their second nature and others have to work at it. I like working at it. I still don’t have a dev job and I haven’t been coding as much as I would like to in my free time but neither is going to stop me”

And, that’s it.

That’s what separates those who succeed from those who don’t.

The rest is secondary.

In any case, that’s why I do what I do. I made it my mission in life to help people who are in this exact boat. To TELL you to keep going and then give you the tools to actually make it happen.

And, that’s what my coding curriculum is meant for.

It’s not just about learning the coding skills. You can learn those almost anywhere. It’s about confidence. About trusting your instincts. About testing and challenging yourself and not just learning to become another “me-too” coder.

That’s why I have you build non-standards types of applications…

In different ways…

And, don’t just stand here chanting “MVC”…

Or, whatever the thing of the day is.

Anyway, I digress.

Bottom line: I want more from you. Hell, I EXPECT more from you. If you’re ready for that challenge, then you can get started for nothing over on SkillShare. My entire curriculum is there.

Just go here to start the 2-month no-cost trial:

Take all my courses.

Cancel any time before the 2 month is up.

And, never pay a nickel.

No, it’s not for the faint of heart.

But, it IS for the determined.

Anyway, hope I see you over there.

Link is here:



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