June 23, 2018

The Donald Trump of Developers

Got this from Kristopher in response to an email I sent:

“You are the Donald Trump of devs. That is a compliment. It is a circle jerk. I have nothing to do with dev communities. If I code and do other things do I have time for a community? I suspect Php will make a comeback because it has improved and because I think all corporations will use a social function for organization and Angular and all the other languages, besides Java as a backend make it a F!@#ING PAIN IN THE A!@ to upload any files or code for uploading files. In the freelance space no one gives a flying f!@# what the ‘dev community’ has to say.”

This is the thing that always gets me.

I’ve been a freelancer developer for over 14 years now. Never once have I had a client suddenly want to switch to Node or say, “Hey, what about Go?” For that matter, they’ve never even asked about OOP.

Or, any of the other things the “dev community” says you must learn.

Almost all of that is driven by startups…

And, coastal cities.

So yeah… if you want to work at a startup or you live in New York or L.A… okay. Learn Node and Go and all that other crap. But, most everywhere else, there’s a good market for PHP tech jobs.

And, if you freelance…

Well, PHP is king pimp daddy, still.

Doesn’t mean that’s all you should learn. But, in my (usually correct) opinion, you should learn it AND you should learn it FIRST (among server-side languages)… because you’re just missing a whole helluva lot of work if you don’t.

Now, speaking of king pimp daddies…

I’ve amassed a full library of PHP training for you: Beginner’s Guide to PHP, Object-Oriented Programming In PHP, Secure Session-Based Login Script, PHP Blogging Application, PHP Forms, Submit HTML Form to MySQL and Email.

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Easy peasy.

See ya over there,


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